Groups 2019


Youth folk dance ensemble “ARFAN”
Center for continuing and aesthetic education “Creation”
The Department of education of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania.

Folk dance ensemble “Arfan” is a youth group founded in 2002, that consists of 50 people, including orchestra. Young artists act with live accompaniment. Used folk instruments are the ossetian harmonica, doli (drum), clarinet.

Creative work, the repetitions, concerts, contests, dance festivals, master classes – are all what the young artists of the ensemble are living for.
Their successful performances delighted the audience of all ages not only in their native Republic and cities of Russia ( Nalchik, Stavropol, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow) but also abroad (Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia), demonstrating the mastery of performance, acquainting the public with the national folklore and traditions, disposition and way of life, not only of the Ossetian people, but also with the art of the peoples of the North Caucasus.

Folk dance ensemble “Arfan”, won the cups winners, diplomas and higher awards at Republican and all-Russian competitions, festivals and International forums dance outside of their country. The unanimous recognition and a prize of spectator sympathies – the most beautiful reward!