Groups 2015


The Cultural Association „KRAJINA“ Bihać was founded in 1946 right after the end of the Second World War. Today, it is the oldes Association of its kind in the Municipality of Bihać. The Association has travelled throughout Europe before the last war and after it representing parts of the cultural heratage of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the Balkan Folklore Festival that took place in Izmir, Turkey in 2010 the Association was representing Bosnia and Herzegovina and had gained good and positive critics from the visitors and the Mayor of Izmir. Two years later the Association again received the invitation from Izmir and accepted to represent Bosnia and Hezegovina at the Ninth Blakan Folklore Festival. Performing in different countries KRAJINA is always representing Bosnia and Hercegovina and the Minicipality of Bihać.

Currently, the Association has three groups:
– Folklore ensemble for folk dance and songs (adults and children)
– Orchestra for folk dance and songs
– Modern dance group (adults and children)

The Association counts 150 active members and about twenty associates. Next year in December the Association KRAJINA will be celebrating it’s 70th anniversary.