Groups 2020

National Folklore Ensemble “Transilvania”

National Folkloric Ensemble “Transilvania” from the city of Baia Mare, Romania was founded in 1959.  Leader of the ensemble is Iuliana Dancus. 

The great goal of the ensemble is to preserve and promote the Romanian national folklore. “Transilvania” National Folkloric Ensemble confirmed its value by winning numerous prizes: World Festival of Folkloric Dance, organized in Palma de Mallorca. In 1993, the group won the 2nd prize for the authenticity of costumes; in 2003 — the world’s 3rd prize and in 2005 — the 2nd world prize. In 2008, the ensemble won the third prize at the Festival of Culture and Art in Istanbul. In 2008, the Silver Medal was won in South Korea at the World Festival of Dance in Cheonan. The most recent and valuable prize of our institution is the Greatest award the Gold Temple conquered in 2014 at the 59th edition of Almond Blossom festival in Agrigento — Sicily. In 2019 at 15 Festival Internacional de Folclore de Nova Prata, won 1st place for traditional costume and 1st place for traditional music.