Groups 2018


We are a Cultural Group from ROMANIA, engaged particularly in preserving, promoting and presenting the authentic tradition of ROMANIA together with our own creations based on folkloric ideas. Our group „DORUL” from the county of Arges has been continuing its work of valuing the folklore since 1957.
The undoubted value of “DORUL” assembly is highlighted by the large number of prizes of medals awarded at national and international festivals.

A particular freshness and elegance of the choreography are granted by the genuine beauty of traditional costumes, so divers and rich in colours. Their programme contains representative dances and songs from all Romanian areas.

Under the patronage of Dorul assembly, the Festival “Carpati” – one of the most important international folklore festivals in Romania – is carried on in Pitesti – Arges County. Countries from all over the world have participated in the “Carpati” festival along the past 27 years.