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Compañía Folklórica CAMAGUA

Folklore Group Camagua has been created in 2011 as a successor of the numerous awards winner ensemble of Fernando Medrano, established in 1981. The main difference this time is that the group is attached to the Ministry of Culture of Cuba. 

Despite the change, the authenticity of Cuban culture is preserved and the group is presenting the real roots of the Cuban folklore based on the multinational crossroad of the island’s culture. 

The repertoire of the group includes audio and visual effects recreating the traditional urban atmosphere and the authentic music and dances of Cuba. 

The Folklore group Gamagua has performed in many countries around the world, such as Chile, Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Mexico, Belgium and Spain. For its artistic achievements in 2015 the group won Statuette of the Burgos Cathedral. The ensemble has been awarded with Golden medal at the International Folklore Festival of Port-sur-Saone, France in 2016. In 2019 it won the Grand prize for its excellent performance in France. At the International Folklore Festival “Castello di Gorizia” in Italy the group won Folklore “Oscar” for best choreography.