Groups 2018

Folklorno Studio ETNOS

Founded in 2004, the Folklore Studio “Etnos” has been committed to promoting folklore and crafts from Macedonia. Currently it has around 200 members divided in several groups and working on differentprograms.
The most active groups are the ones working on creating authentic folklore clothes, restoration of old folklore elements and learning the folklore dances and songs.
The ensemble works on nurturing the folklore tradition of Macedonian people.
The repertoire of the ensemble includes adaptations of dances of all parts of Macedonia.
The youth ensemble, for people younger then 20 years, has participated in many festivals in Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia end Hercegovina) and from all those festivals has returned with prizes for its performances. These ensembles successfully continue to
represent the Macedonian culture, folklore, dances and songs in their true light and original.
A special accent is put on the authenticity of the folklore clothes, which in most cases is made by the members of the studio, and also many of the pieces of clothes are collected on field trips in remote Macedonian villages where the residents kept it from deterioration.