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Ballet Folclórico Municipal de Carahue BAFCA®


Country: Chile

Director: John Sigisfredo Peña Caniuñir

On March 20, 1999 in the Araucanía region of southern Chile, the ‘BALLET FOLCLÓRICO MUNICIPAL DE CARAHUE – BAFCA®’ was born, as a concern and initiative of the Illustrious Municipality of Carahue, to rescue, promote and disseminate customs and traditions of CHILE and Latin America through a choreographic-musical language.

BAFCA is made up of approximately 50 people, including managers, technicians and their two casts (Musical and Dance).

In its history, the company has been enjoyed by a large audience throughout Chile, as well as in foreign circuits (Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, China and Turkey) representing the country in more than 40 International Festivals. Currently, this cast has 17 musical-choreographic pieces that include almost all Chilean and Latin American geographic areas.


  1. First Place in the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL “LES SACRES DU FOLKLORE DE REIMS”, FRANCE- Category musical diversity
  2. Second Place in the XIX International Buyukçekmece Festival in Turkey, 2018

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Instagram: bafca_carahue_chile


Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival