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The Cultural Association „KRAJINA“ Bihać was founded in 1946 right after the end of the Second World War. Today, it is the oldes Association of its kind in the Municipality of Bihać. The Association has travelled throughout Europe before the last war and after it representing parts of the cultural heratage of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the Balkan Folklore Festival that took place in Izmir, Turkey in 2010 the Association was representing Bosnia and Herzegovina and had gained good and positive critics from the visitors and the Mayor of Izmir. Two years later the Association again received the invitation from Izmir and accepted to represent Bosnia and Hezegovina at the Ninth Blakan Folklore Festival. Performing in different countries KRAJINA is always representing Bosnia and Hercegovina and the Minicipality of Bihać.

Currently, the Association has three groups:
– Folklore ensemble for folk dance and songs (adults and children)
– Orchestra for folk dance and songs
– Modern dance group (adults and children)

The Association counts 150 active members and about twenty associates. Next year in December the Association KRAJINA will be celebrating it’s 70th anniversary.

Groups 2015

Ankara Cansu Youth and Sport Club

„Ankara Cansu Youth and Sport Club” was established in 2003 in order to study our folk dance , folk music , cultural values and encouraging youth to make sport thereby creating an anthology and transferring these assets to the next generation and to introduce our country to the world thereby contributing to the development of the country culture. Аs amateur club , it has continuously carried on its activities in light of this objectives for the last 10 years. Our club has intensively and successfully been involved in several festivals , folk dance competitions and television shows in Turkey and foreign countries. We have had the honor to receive several success plaques and diplomas from numerous public and private organizations.

Groups 2015

The Batumi State Ensemble Khorumi

The Batumi State Ensemble “Khorumi” was founded in 2004 under the patronage of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and the chairman of the Adjarian government Levan Varshalomidze.

Diverse choreographic compositions created in different parts of Georgian

The company often participates in international festivals and, as a rule, is always awarded grand-prize or other prizes.

The company enjoys great popularity in Georgia as well as outside the country. The great artistic abilities of the company is proved by the fact that they can successfully perform concert program which includes 15 choreographic pieces, on the stage of any space and size

Groups 2015

State Song and Dance Ensemble LIETUVA

Highly professional, stylized and authentic Lithuanian folk art – songs, dancing, instrumental music, unique national instruments, colourful costumes and true spirit of Lithuania!

State Song and Dance Ensemble „LIETUVA” – it is a joint artistic team which includes professional dancers, orchestra with national instruments and a choir. Truly unique in entire Baltic countries company had been established in November 1940 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Through its long creative path, the Ensemble won numerous international awards and with great success performed in almost all Eastern and Western European countries, also in USA, Canada, India, Japan, Philipines, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Cuba and many other countries.

Groups 2015


We are honored that we can contact you. KUD “JANA” Zemun was established in 2011 year.

KUD “JANA” Zemun was established to bring together young people and all interested citizens of the Republic of Serbia, organized in order to deal with the preservation and fostering ethnic and cultural traditions, according to their wishes and preferences.
Also KUD “JANA” Zemun cooperates with cultural institutions in the country and abroad in the fields of culture, art and education.

We are a young company but we have plenty of the festival is behind us.

Smiling we are trying to present the best national tradition of our country.