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Ensemble for Russian Dances “Ogonki” at The State Philharmonic of Altai Territory

Russian dance ensemble “Ogon’ki” was founded in 1967 at the State Philharmonic of Altai Territory by Garry Polevoy, an honored worker of culture of Russia. Now the chief choreographer of the team is an honored artist of Russia – Irina Menyalina.

State ensemble of Russian dance “Ogon’ki” has become the first professional artistic team of the region which presents Altai art both in many areas of our country and abroad. Unforgettable pages in the creative biography of the team was participation in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games-80 in Moscow, in the cultural program of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The ensemble “Ogonki” – winner of the Lenin Komsomol Altai Prize, winner of the World Festivals in Moscow, Malta, Belgium, France, Kazakhstan, winner of the Grand Prix of the III regional festival ( Republic of Tuva), etc.

Groups 2020

National Folklore Ensemble “Transilvania”

National Folkloric Ensemble “Transilvania” from the city of Baia Mare, Romania was founded in 1959.  Leader of the ensemble is Iuliana Dancus. 

The great goal of the ensemble is to preserve and promote the Romanian national folklore. “Transilvania” National Folkloric Ensemble confirmed its value by winning numerous prizes: World Festival of Folkloric Dance, organized in Palma de Mallorca. In 1993, the group won the 2nd prize for the authenticity of costumes; in 2003 — the world’s 3rd prize and in 2005 — the 2nd world prize. In 2008, the ensemble won the third prize at the Festival of Culture and Art in Istanbul. In 2008, the Silver Medal was won in South Korea at the World Festival of Dance in Cheonan. The most recent and valuable prize of our institution is the Greatest award the Gold Temple conquered in 2014 at the 59th edition of Almond Blossom festival in Agrigento — Sicily. In 2019 at 15 Festival Internacional de Folclore de Nova Prata, won 1st place for traditional costume and 1st place for traditional music.

Groups 2020

Agrupación Panamá Folklore

Agrupación Panamá Folklore was founded in 2008 in Panama. To representing Panamanian traditions and exportation of Panamanian folklore are the highest goal of dancers and musicians .

It is directed by Engineer Lisbeth Batista.  She is the National Representative of FIDAF Panama and America Director of FIDAF.

What characterizes Agrupación Panamá Folklore is the variety of representative dances from all the regions of the country, performed with unique choreographic arrangements but without losing the traditional scent of the Panamanian dances. Agrupación Panamá Folklore has achieved 11 trips around the world and 14 international festivals.

The group is a member of 2 International Federations

Groups 2020

Te Maurea Whiritoi

The Te Māori Whiritoi Performing Arts group from Hamilton, New Zealand has experienced much success at regional and national competitions, winning first place in a variety of sub-categories. The name of the group leader is Toti West. They aspire to travel the world and share out culture with people of all ethnicities, and learn from then as well. The name “Te Maurea Whiritoi” talks about weaving together the male and female elements of performance, as well as weaving the sacred knowledge of the past to lessons of today as we journey into the future.

Groups 2020


El Gran Ballet Mexicanisimo is from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The leader of the group is Mario Alberto Hernández Santiago.

The Folkloric Group Mexicanisimo, has like fundamental essence spreading in complete expression, the Mexican folkloric traditions.

El Gran Ballet Mexicanísimo has taken its folklore to different parts of the world and international festivals, among which are Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Francе, Belgium and Netherlands.In 2016 he participated in the 35th edition of the “Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville” festival in Quebec, Canada, where he was awarded the “Coup de Coeur” award for the best group at the festival. In August 2018, he obtained the “Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Relations Award” awarded to the best dance within the XVIII International Festival of Folk Dances in the city of Trujillo, Peru.

Groups 2020

Dance group at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts , Sultan Idris Education University

The dance group was founded in 2014 under the umbrella of Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia. Director of the group is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Kipli Abdul Rahmad.   

Our goal is to develop artists who are flexible, creative thinkers whom are able to perceive, examine and evaluate different points of view, as this relates to different cultures in Malaysia. 

Among the achievements awarded and participated were 2019  Runner-Up in Cheonan World Dance Festival, South Korea, 2018 International Dance Festival in Daegu, South Korea, 2016 Muara Dance Festival in Singapore.

Groups 2020

Compañía Folklórica CAMAGUA

Folklore Group Camagua has been created in 2011 as a successor of the numerous awards winner ensemble of Fernando Medrano, established in 1981. The main difference this time is that the group is attached to the Ministry of Culture of Cuba. 

Despite the change, the authenticity of Cuban culture is preserved and the group is presenting the real roots of the Cuban folklore based on the multinational crossroad of the island’s culture. 

The repertoire of the group includes audio and visual effects recreating the traditional urban atmosphere and the authentic music and dances of Cuba. 

The Folklore group Gamagua has performed in many countries around the world, such as Chile, Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Mexico, Belgium and Spain. For its artistic achievements in 2015 the group won Statuette of the Burgos Cathedral. The ensemble has been awarded with Golden medal at the International Folklore Festival of Port-sur-Saone, France in 2016. In 2019 it won the Grand prize for its excellent performance in France. At the International Folklore Festival “Castello di Gorizia” in Italy the group won Folklore “Oscar” for best choreography.

Groups 2020

Beijing Dance Academy

Beijing Dance Academy is the exclusive higher education institution with commitment to developing excellent professional dancers, choreographers and dance researchers. Director of the Department of Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance is professor  Huang Yihua. 

The dance pieces originated from 15 provinces including Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Tibet and are inherited from local people. There are over 40 kinds of dances from 15 ethnic groups including Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uyger, Korean, Dai minority groups. Some of them are listed in intangible cultural heritage protection projects, others are still passed down from generation to generation.

Groups 2020

African Tumbas Folklore Group

African Tumbas of Kenya is a Folklore group of dancers acting as cultural ambassadors for more than 42 native ethnic groups of Kenya. Formed in 1997 in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, African Tumbas aims to promote and exhibit the rich art of Kenyan folklore through song and dance. The practice of using folk music and dance as a medium of social, cultural and spiritual expression is a resonant theme in African cultural traditions and abundant in African Tumbas’ performances. 

African Tumbas dance ensemble is a true ambassador of Kenyan Culture and traditions. Its artistic director is Antony Karundu.

Groups 2020

State Dance Theater NAZ

Professional ensemble of folk dance „Naz” is from the city of Nur – Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan. It was created in 1999 on the basis of the State Philharmonic of Astana. Since 2007 the ensemble was transformed into the State Muncipal Management Organization.  

The artistic director of the ensemble is the main ballet master and honored artist of Kazakhstan – Kadisha Agimbaeva.

The ensemble has won numerous awards, including Winner of the 2-nd Republican dance competition in the city of Uralsk in 2001, Grand Prix of the 4th International Creative Youth Festival “Shabyt” in 2001 and 2002, Winner of the 2nd International Choreographer Competition in Novosibirsk in 2003, Winner of the Golden Statue (China) in 2004, Winner of the 9-th International Festival „Esambaev” (Grozny) in 2017, Grand Prix of the 21 International Creative Youth Festival “Shabyt-2018” in the nomination “Choreography”.