Dance Company “Monarca de Mexico”


Country: Mexico

Director: Ms. Raquel Barroso Pérez

Monarca de México is a dance company dedicated to rediscovering the deep meaning of Mexican folklore and bringing it to the stage through innovative choreographic proposals. With a team of twenty-five dancers, musicians, and specialists, they create performances that reinterpret Mexico’s cultural legacy with freshness and dynamism. The company believes in the power of collective work and incorporates contemporary dance and body expression to enrich their dance proposals. They prioritize respect and dignified treatment among their interpreters, creators, and collaborators, which translates into the quality of their performances. Monarca de México has participated in numerous international festivals, showcasing their talent and offering master classes in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Greece, and the United States. Their mission is to create deep aesthetic experiences and promote Mexican folklore while fostering the development of young talents. They strive to become a recognized company both within Mexico and internationally, based on artistic excellence, innovation, and cooperation. Their values include collaboration, passion, quality, respect for people and cultures, pride, and respect for traditions. In 2019, they have participated in cultural exchange and folklore festivals in Israel and the Czech Republic.

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Participation in the Ensembles category and the Solo/Couple category