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At the beginning of the 20 th centuy, on the initiative of couple music fans in Cetinje, a singing society named “First singing church society of Cetinje” was founded and soon after this society continues it’s work under the name “Njegos”, and the part of that is also folklore section.
Cultural society “Njegos” is bearer of medal of merith for folk with silver gleam (1977), silver and bronze medal from prestige international in France (Dijon). From first mediterenian folk festival which was in Larnaka, Cyprus in competition of twelve (12) folk ensembles from ten (10) countries, ensemble “Njegos” returned with gold medal coming after in a dignified way glorious tradition of their ancestors since 1907 till today.
Repertoire of ensemble “Njegos” has many authentic national dances and song from Montenegrо. Program containes choreography from all south-Slavic areas, often with original costumes over a hundred years old.