Groups 2021

State Dance Theater of Kalmikya “OIRATY”


Country: Republic of Kalmykia, Russian Federation

Director: Nadbitov Vladimir Petrovich

 Art Director and founder: Nadbitov Piotr Timofeevich

The State Dance Theatre of Kalmykia “Oiraty” has become a popular and beloved creative collective in a short time.

Petr Nadbitov is the creator and director of “Oiraty”.

In the post-Siberian history of Kalmykia, when the problems of culture were pushed into the background, the group did not experience very many events that could be attributed to the phenomena of art.

The “Oiraty” Dance Theatre was founded in January 1990 as an independent and professional creative team that brought together artists from various ensembles, including amateur art groups, and graduates of choreographic schools.

The repertoire of the dance theatre “Oiraty” is a true gem of dance art. In addition to the classic collection, which includes such popular dances as “Chicherdyk”, “Ishkimdyk”, “Derbetovsky Tavshur”, and “Damzhg”, the concert program also includes new performances. These differ not only in their original, graphically magnificent interpretation, but also in an experimental approach which accomplishes an understanding of the aesthetics of Kalmyk dance in general.

Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival