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Academy of Dance and Music of Mallorca

The Academy of Dance and Music of Mallorca is a non-profit organisation which aims to study, document, teach, diffuse, and encourage the elements of Mallorcan popular and traditional culture, focusing on dance, music, musical instruments and dress.

Throughout the years the Academy of Dance and Music of Mallorca has participated in numerous cultural events in Mallorca, with the collaboration of the city council in various programmes of folkloric performances. It has also performed, and continues to do so, for the various cultural and social organisations on their island. Since 1987 the school assists with the organisation of the biennial World Folkloric Festival which takes place in Palma. In recent years the school has collaborated with the Balear Institute of Tourism, IBATUR, and the city council with interactive performances in Palma’s municipal theatres. The group has participated and has been awarded in festivals in many countries all over the world like: Italy, Germany, Turkey, Poland.