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Mazurian Dance and Songs Ensemble ELK

Masuria is a geographical region located in north-eastern part of Polish. This is one of the most beautiful regions of the country, called the Land of the Great Lakes.
Mazury Song and Dance “Elk” is worthy of its representative, popularizing the culture of many regions, through the presentation of the beauty of music and dance, songs and costumes. The team presents their traditional form developed theatrically and artistically.
The group was founded in 2001, working at Elk Cultural Center and to this day is a showcase of the city. The first staff of the team were: Jaroslaw Wojciechowski – artistic director and choreographer, Bozena Bieleniewicz – Head of the organization, Maria Nienałtowska – Head of the vocal group, and Tadeusz deluge – a musical director.
Today the team has 120 people and includes six groups: four groups of dance, band and vocal group, where the inhabitants of the earth Elk regardless of age, dance, act and sing, spending their free time.
Mazury Song and Dance “elk” was often honored in National Surveys of Folklore, has verified and qualifying to represent Polish culture abroad.