Groups 2019

BAEK HYUN SOON Dance Company – Korea

BAEK HYUN SOON Dance Company, founded in 1991, has performed in Korea and abroad more than 100 times, including in Italy, Greece and Turkey.
It gained public support by regularly performing creative and traditional dance performances every year, and won the Presidential Award at the Korea Dance Festival last year, drawing attention for its original dance moves and fusion performances using video clips.
The program of the group includes a variety of choreographies as :
Buk Chum (Drum dance) – an exquisite harmony of traditional Korean percussion.
Samulnori – a modern chamber adaptation of the farmers’ dance and music which was performed outdoors. This music is played by four percussion instruments.
Korean Fan dance – one of the most popular and well-known movement pieces from Asia. The bright pink fans and dresses combined with graceful movement have thrilled audiences all over the world.