Groups 2017

The Folk Group “Bilbili” was established in 1994 in the city of Vlorë and operates under the jurisdiction of the
From 2003 the Municipalities of the province of Santa Cruz and on the initiative of the different dance schools, the
Folklore Ensemble Cajavec was establish on May 15 , 1952 and during that time is elaborated and performed in public
The Municipal Ballet of Sapiranga, was created in 14 May 1994 and denominated by Municipal Law of 2 September 1994
The folk dance ensemble “MWVERVALI “ established in 1994 on the base of ADJARIAN State Georgian dance and song Ensemble(Adjariaregion)
Pesona Mawar Nusantara (The Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago) INDONESIA Pesona Mawar Nusantara (The Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago) is
We are Latvian folk dance ensemble “Ačkups”, which is based in Riga - capital city of Latvia. The dance group
INETNON GEFPA’GO ISLAND OF GUAM Inetnon Gef Pa'go is an award winning program under the Guam Department of Education, Historic
Sri Warisan is a performing arts company founded by Madam Som Said. Sri Warisan, formed in 1997, is one of
The Folklore Group Maj functions at The Secondary Grammar School “Pierre de Coubertine” in Piestany, Slovakia. All participants are amateurs