Sofia Municipality – Vitosha Region, with the support of Sofia Municipality – Directorate “Culture and Education” and Ministry of Culture.
Under the patronage of the Mayor of Sofia Ms. Yordanka Fandakova.

Chitalishte “Vitosha-1951”
Chitalishte “Vitosha-1951” in Sofia was founded in 1951. of the citizens of “Boianski ridge”, the Pavlovo area in Sofia, as “Georgi Kirkov” community center. An artistic speech club was established in the early years. Books are collected from among the citizens. The first donated books are about 1500pcs. They did literary readings, meetings with famous writers, excursions to Vitosha. Concerts were held on holiday holidays by inviting famous artists. The artistic composition is a laureate and winner of a silver medal at the Republican, second, third and fourth Republican festivals. A librarian of ½ staff and a professor of artistic speech at a fee is appointed. In 1989, after the division of Sofia into 24 districts, the community center “Georgi Kirkov” became one of the central ones in the Vitosha region and it moved to the building, which is located in the yard of the 5th school. In 1990, the chitalishte was renamed to the National Chitalishte “Vitosha”. Schools for folk instruments are being set up. The reconstruction and construction of the building of the Vitosha Chitalishte begins. A salon (200 sq. M.), A second hall (80 sq. M.) And a studio for ceramics and stained glass were built on a project by the Ministry of Culture. New costumes for the folklore ensemble are sewn. A modern ballet school has been set up, English and German courses, and a sports rock roll club. The cultural and mass activities in the Chitalishte have been growing many times as it already serves three quarters – Pavlovo, Bukston and Boyanski.
At present, the Vitosha-1951 Chitalishte is the only cultural, educational and information center for children and adults in Pavlovo and Manastirski livadi – west and serves a population of 25 000 inhabitants. The Chitalishte works hard to enrich the cultural life of its companions, preserves and develops the customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people, stimulates interest in knowledge with a view to the development of the personality and the integration of the people to the values ​​and achievements of science, art and culture. It seeks to be a center of spiritual life and material culture of the population in the city and the region, to work to educate and promote national self-awareness. Chitalishte Vitosha – 1951 is an organizer, together with the Vitosha region, at the International Folklore Festival “Vitosha”.
At the Vitosha-1951 Chitalishte the following main activities are carried out:
– Library
– Folklore Dance Ensemble “Sofia-6”
– Children’s Folklore Dance Ensemble “Iskritsa” / four groups /
– Modern Ballet “Crysis”
– Modern Ballet “Krizia – junior”
– School of classical ballet “Silhouette”
– Dance Club “Vito Horo”
– Karate Club Fido Shin
– Bailey Dance
– Piano and guitar music school
– Ceramic workshop “At the spring”
– School of Drawing
– “Aquarius” Theater Studio
– Yoga classes
– Photo studio
– Massage studio
– Speech cabinet
– “I Know And I Can” Kindergarten / 1-4 grade /

Folk Dance Ensemble Sofia-6

Folk dance ensemble Sofia-6, Bulgaria was founded by Mr. Nestor Nestorov on March 1, 1976.
Since 1999, Nikolay Nestorov has been the choreographer and chief artistic director of the ensemble at the Vitosha community center in Sofia.
In its history of more than 40 years, the ensemble has participated in many international festivals in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Ensemble Sofia-6 is a laureate of the 5th, 6th and 7th Republican Festival and has won six world titles from the largest dance competitions in the world.
2006 – awards for music, costume and overall presentation at a festival in Alatri – Italy.
2007 – award for costume and performing skills in Agrigento – Italy.
2008 – Audience Award in Hakodate – Japan;
2008 – won the competition for the “Grand Dance Award of Sofia”, a prize for a new production, a prize for music and the prize of the audience of the same competition.
2009 – at the 13th World Folklore Competition “Palma – 2009” in Palma de Mallorca in a competition between 60 ensembles from around the world Ensemble Sofia-6 has won first prize and became World Champion for 2009 and 2010.
In the same year Sofia-6 won the “Grand Dance Award of Sofia” competition for the second time and once again won first place in the competition “Youth Creates”.
In July 2010 – first place and the Grand Prix “Golden Karagoz” in the 24th edition of the international folklore festival-competition “Golden Karagoz” in Bursa – Turkey.
In October 2010 in competition with groups from 23 countries from around the world during the largest international folk dance competition in East Asia, held in Cheonan – Republic of Korea, Ensemble Sofia-6 won the Grand Prix.
In 2013, following the invitation of the Japanese government, Ensemble Sofia-6 performed 36 concerts in the city of Osaka-Japan, taking part in one of the largest projects – “World Food Expo 2013”, held every four years. The dancers provoked great interest among the Japanese audience and defended the name of Bulgaria with dignity.
In 2014 Ensemble Sofia-6 won another prestigious award on international level. The ensemble won the first prize at the folklore dance competition held from August 9th to 17th in the town of Pitesti, Romania. Our excellent dancers won the hearts of the audience and the jury with four different programs, filled with a lot of dynamics, colorful costumes and great mood.
In June 2016 in the sixth edition of the competition “Oro se vie, tsarvuli se kinat”, organized by the Gaitan Foundation and the Dimitar Blagoev-1956 community center,Folk dance ensemble Sofia-6 won the Grand Prix.
In July 2016, the dancers from the Ensemble Sofia-6 took part in the third International Folklore Festival “Golden Dust” in Chelopech and were awarded the Special Prize for the most attractive dance group and the Grand Prize of the IFF “Golden Dust 2016”.
In September 2016 Ensemble Sofia-6 performed 25 concerts at the International Exhibition of Traditional Crafts and Cultural Products – EXPO 2016 in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China.
In October 2016 after its convincing performance before a ten-member international jury and a large audience, Ensemble Sofia-6 was awarded the First Prize at the competition in Puebla, Mexico.
The success of the ensemble does not stop there. After their worthy performance in Puebla, the dancers took part in another international competition – “Estampas del Mundo” in Mexico City.
The first place of the competition “Estampas del Mundo” in Mexico City is the ensemble’s SIXTH world award.