Groups 2020

Cultural and Folk Art Association ''Sveti Sava'' was established in 1978 in Belgrade, Serbia. The folk ensemble is the oldest
Folk dance ensemble “İDA SANAT” , has been established in 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. Director is Ahmet Dogan. They perform
The dance company IZENA-no-KAI was established in 1988, Tokyo, Japan and since then, they have been performing on stage in
The “Mali Gorzowiacy” was established at the Youth Community Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1981.  The group presents Polish National
The National dance theater of the Republic of Sakha was established in 1980.  The Director of the National dance theater
AMA-ZEBRA (Folklore Dance Ensemble) is a member of a NationalOrganisation of South African Traditional Fair Association (SATFA) andFederation of International
Agrupación Folklórica de Proyección Rapa Nui “Hanga Rau o te Ariki” spreads the folklore of the Chilean people of Easter
The Duna Art Ensemble is one of the most popular professional groups in Hungary with leader - Zsolt Juhász. The
The Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company is a home grown folk dance troupe form the province of Leyte, Philippines. It was
Academic Music, Song and Dance Theatre "Zoriany" of the Kirovohrad Regional Philharmonic.  The Academic Music, Song and Dance Theatre "Zoriany"