Groups 2017

Folk Dance Ensemble “MWVERVALI”

The folk dance ensemble “MWVERVALI “ established in 1994 on the base of ADJARIAN State Georgian dance and song Ensemble(Adjariaregion) .The group leader is honored choreographer of Georgia –AMIRAN PAICHADZE. In the repertoire of the ensemble are10 dances, such as “KARTULI-DAVLURIT” ( the dance of girls and boys, traditional Georgian dance);Mtiuluri (dance with difficult solos), ”Farikaoba”(dance with swords),”Kauri” ( shepherds traditional dance),”Svanuri”(svanetian traditional men’s dance), ”Aphkhazuri”(traditional aphkhazian wedding people dance), “GANDAGAN”(Adjarian region holiday and wedding traditional dance )and etc.
The costumes are very reach, traditional and nice.
Since its establishment ensemble participated in many republic and International festivals :in Bulgaria, Turkey ,Poland ,Chekhia,Hungary, Italy. The group was a winner of the republic festival «Winter Tale -2015-Batumi” and got a title of “Best ensemble of 2015”.