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Ensemble for Russian Dances “Ogonki” at The State Philharmonic of Altai Territory

Russian dance ensemble “Ogon’ki” was founded in 1967 at the State Philharmonic of Altai Territory by Garry Polevoy, an honored worker of culture of Russia. Now the chief choreographer of the team is an honored artist of Russia – Irina Menyalina.

State ensemble of Russian dance “Ogon’ki” has become the first professional artistic team of the region which presents Altai art both in many areas of our country and abroad. Unforgettable pages in the creative biography of the team was participation in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games-80 in Moscow, in the cultural program of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The ensemble “Ogonki” – winner of the Lenin Komsomol Altai Prize, winner of the World Festivals in Moscow, Malta, Belgium, France, Kazakhstan, winner of the Grand Prix of the III regional festival ( Republic of Tuva), etc.