Georgian Folk Dance Ensemble BOLNELI


Country: Georgia

Director: Koba Zhgenti

Georgian folk dance ensemble Bolneli, founded in 1992, has gained international acclaim for their captivating performances. Led by Koba Zhgenti, the ensemble has showcased the rich traditions of Georgian dance in various countries. They have left their mark at festivals and competitions in Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, and Turkey, among others.

Their participation in the XXIII Folklore International Festival in Bulgaria and the Grand Folklore International Festival in Estonia earned them accolades and admiration.

The ensemble’s captivating performances have garnered special applause and appreciation from audiences across different cities and countries. Their talent has been showcased in iconic venues, such as the great ancient amphitheater of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, where they performed in front of a diverse audience of 5000 people, including the President of Bulgaria. Bolneli’s international success and the warm reception they receive are a testament to their dedication and the respect they command in the world of Georgian folk dance.