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Budo Tomovic

For over sixty years since its foundation in 1946,the folk song and dance ensemble of KIC “Budo Tomovic” has been

representing Montenegro through Europe and other parts of the world.The singers and dancers of this ensemble continue

to present richness, variety and beauty of the folklore.

The group has participated in France, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Germany, Holland, Greece, USA,

Brasil and won numerous awards and international recognition like Silver medal on World festival in Dijon (France):

Gold medal in Efes (Turkey): Gold medal for dance, music and costume in Edirne (Turkey) etc.

Groups 2012



The company was founded in 1980 in Seoul city and since then has been able to perform traditional Korean dances and music. The dance group consists of about 100 dancers, amateurs and professionals.

Every year this company participates in International festivals all over the world and performs in Korea regularly.

“Koreana traditional art company” has over 20 different performances, which include dances and music.

The company is a member of ” IOV “ from 1994.

Groups 2012

Attridge Academy Of Irish Dancing

The Attridge Academy Of Irish Dancing is the longest established Irish Dance Group in Cork City, Ireland.

The Attridge Academy Of Irish Dancing is a non-competitive dance group whose aim is to promote and foster the Irish Culture at home and abroad, to educate the young students and to pass on the tradition of the Irish dances. Also, to entertain the numerous visitors to the Cork city and to exhibit the Irish Culture to the highest possible standard.

The Attridge Academy Of Irish Dancing provides an unforgettable forty-minute performance, where the performers are dressed in authentic traditional and modern hand embroidered costumes. The Attridge Group have been invited to perform at many major cultural events in Ireland and abroad- Holland, Italy, Turkey, Austria, France, Israel, Portugal and the USA.

Groups 2012

Ensemble Guria

The ensemble “Guria” was established in 1970 on the base of Omrgeti Youth House. During this period thе group was a winner at many Republic competitions and participated in International Folklore festivals in such countries as: Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey etc.

The program of the group is various and includes dances from all corners of Georgia.

Groups 2012

Folk dance group „SAIME”

The folk dance group „SAIME” was founded in October 2001 in the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum in Riga. The aim and the model of activity of folk dance group „SAIME” is – joining folk dance enthusiasts of different age and former experience, to provide regular Latvian folk dance performances in the Open-air Museum during summer season, to introduce the visitors of the museum with the art of Latvian folk dancing е tc.

There are about 30 dancers, taking part in the activities of the folk dance group, aged between 25 to 40..

The folk dance group „SAIME” does not have a long history, nevertheless, it has taken part in several important international folkloristic events in Germany, Sicily, Belgium,Slovakia, Korea, Sweden etc.

Groups 2012

Cagdas Folk Dance and Sports Club

Çaðdas Halk Danslarý ve Spor Klübü ( Cagdas Folk Dance and Sports Club ) was founded in İzmir in 1994 and continues activities with more than 200

dancers. The repertoire includes dances of all regions of Turkey with dancers aged 8-14 , 14-28 .. The dancing group dominantly consists of high school and university students. The dancers, together with rich music and colorful original costumes have an essential effect in all countries’ international festivals and competitions. Due to practicing so hard group has so many awards in the national competitions and international ones also.

Groups 2012

Ivan Goran Kovačić

The Student Folk Ensemble ”Ivan Goran Kovačić” was founded in Zagreb in 1948, as a section of the Student Cultural and Artistic Company of the same name, and as a part of the University of Zagreb. Since then, Goranovci have been carefully passing on the knowledge and love for Croatian folk music and heritage from generation to generation.
From its start, the Ensemble has been systematically enriching its fund of folk costumes.The Ensemble repertoire includes songs and dances from all parts of Croatia.

Groups 2012

Indonesian Embassy’s ensemble

The Indonesian Embassy’s ensemble was established in 2004. It consists of 15 girls and boys. The folklore group has already performed in Sofia,
Plovdiv , Varna and other big Bulgarian cities.This ensemble performs dances from different parts of Indonesia. Choreographer is Angela Spi Utami,
Andreani Broto Utomo.