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Dance Group Paloina Amsterdam


Country: Netherlands

Director: Lynda Hoekstra

Paloina was founded in 1971 by Johan and Erda Baerents as an international dance group. The thirty young dancers and six musicians of Paloina guarantee a professional program of choreographies based on traditional Dutch music and dance, all performed in traditional Dutch costumes. In addition to a Dutch repertoire, Paloina provides also an assorted repertoire of international choreographies.

In Turkey and South-Korea, Paloina won the awards for best costume. The group participated in the Turkish Folk Dance Competition in the Netherlands and won second prize in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2017. In 2012 Paloina was the national champion in Turkish Folk Dancing.


  1. 2012 Best Costume – Büyükcekmece Festival Turkey
  2. 2012 Best Costume – Cheonan Festival South-Korea
  3. 2010/2013/2014/2017 2nd and 3rd prizes – Dutch National Championship Turkish Folk Dances
  4. 2012 1st prize – Dutch National Championship in Turkish Folk Dances.
  5. 2015 3rd prize, Best Music Award – Sagra del Mandorlo, Sicily (Italy)

Media channels:

Facebook: InternationaalDansensemblePaloina

Instagram: paloinaamsterdam


Participation: in the solo/couple and the virtual competition of the festival.