Guma’ Rasan Acho’ Latte


Country: Guam

Director: Brian Jess C. Terlaje

Brian Jess Terlaje founded a culture dance group in Yona, Guam in 1999, aiming to contribute to his community and promote the local culture. The group specialized in Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Chamoru dances, participating in various competitions over the years. The group, known as Guma’ Råsan Acho’ Latte, has undergone numerous transformations and recently established a program at John F. Kennedy High School, which has been running for 11 years. They have collaborated with the Guam Visitors’ Bureau to promote cultural and economic initiatives in several countries, including Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

Guma’ Råsan Acho’ Latte continues to work with organizations such as the Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency, Department of Chamoru Affairs, and the Department of Education to raise awareness and educate people worldwide about the Chamoru language, history, and culture. Their mission is to preserve and perpetuate the indigenous Chamoru language and carry on the culture and legacy of the locals.

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