Groups 2021



Country: Philippines

Director: Eric Solano

Parangal Dance Company’s mission is to give tribute to Philippine heritage by preserving and promoting ethnic art, music and dance through research, workshops and performances. Parangal aims to serve as a bridge, inspiring and connecting Filipinos in diaspora to their roots and to give them a sense of pride and identity, while educating diverse communities to foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture.


  1. The Outstanding Filipino American, 100 Most Influential 2020
  2. Best Choreography Award Dorin Oncea, Romania, 2020
  3. Best Cohesion FIFTA Award, Morocco, 2020
  4. Bayaning Pilipino Award, North America, 2017
  5. Champion – Las Vegas World Folk Festival 2009

Media channels:

Facebook: @parangal

Instagram: @parangaldance

Participation: in the solo/couple competition of the festival.