Групи 2022

Punjab Cultural Promotion Council


Country: India

Director: Dr. Davinder Singh Chhina

Punjab Cultural Promotion Council Folk Ensemble (PCPC)  led by director, Dr Davinder Singh Chhina, has mesmerized the international audience all around the world such as Europe, Australia, Doha, Qatar and South Korea since 2001. PCPC folk artists exhibit the most colorful and exotic folk dances from the folkloric state Punjab, north of India. Punjab is better known in the world for “the golden temple, amritsar”, the spiritual place of world harmony and multiculturalism. Its repertoire includes the vibrant bhangra folk dance, gidha dance, malvai-gidha, boliyan and folk instruments such as tomba, toombi, bugchu, dhadd, chimta and dhol. The Punjabi music and choreography is performed by boys and girls.  The folk ensemble has a record breaking 125 world folk participations, with the mission to encourage the culture of peace through its performances.

Media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Punjab-Cultural-Promotion-Council-41539802431/

Participation in the Solo/Couple category