Групи 2022

Georgian National Dance Company “Shevardeni”


Country: Georgia

Director: Zurab Grigoriani and Dali Nalikashvili

In the Georgian city of Gori in 1995 Georgian National Dance Company “Shevardeni” was established. “Shevardeni” is distinguished by its diversity, high executive skills, which is evident by the many diplomas, awards or distinctions that have been awarded to the company and its managers over the years. The company follows the footsteps of the Georgian choreographic traditions and has an interesting repertoire that is as diverse as the Georgian nature. Some of the dances are: “Davlur-kartuli”, “Khorumi”, “Partsa”, “Samaya”, “Adjaruli”, “Mtiuluri”, “hevsuruli”, “kinturi”, “Kavkasiuri” and others.

“Shevardeni” has also had successful tours abroad – Romania, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Poland.

In 2002, for the 10th anniversary of the founding and creative work of Shevardeni, the Ministry of Culture of Georgia awarded the troupe with the title of National Troupe and choreographer Zurab Grigoriani with the Order of Honor for their efforts in the development and popularization of the Georgian choreography art. The ensemble consists of 2 different age categories of dances: juniors 5-12 years and juniors group 13-17 years. The ensemble is also a laureate of republican and international festivals in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanceCompanyShevardeni

Participation in the Ensembles category and the Solo/Couple category