Tir Na n-Og Irish Dance Troupe


Country: Ireland

Director: Jackie White

Established in February 1998, Tir Na n-Og Irish Dance Troupe, Belfast are a multi-award winning Irish Dance group and have won both solo and team national titles across numerous age groups and championships through the years. Whilst competitive Irish Dance success is a main aim of the troupe, they have also excelled in their performance work. They have had sell out shows in theatres all over Ireland since 2001.  These full length shows comprise completely original dance pieces carefully constructed and choreographed to tell a story through the medium of Irish Festival Dance.

In Bulgaria this year, the group will perform a fusion of traditional and contemporary Irish dancing in both light and heavy shoes to both traditional and modern music  – a combination of reels and jigs to delight those watching. In this way, audiences can sample the traditional art form handed down through generations in Ireland alongside the more modern and contemporary interpretation of the beautiful Irish music.

Media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tirnanogschool