Groups 2018

Folklore Ensemble „CAJAVEC“ was established on Maj 1952. and during that it elaborated and performed in public more than 40
Kimurantti is a folk dance group from Lappeenranta, Finland. Kimurantti was founded in 2005 and Merja Skyttä has been directing
Cultural Dancing association of Thrakes of Komotini was founded in November 2008 and from the beginning of it's establishment it
The National Ensemble of Songs and Dance “Shota” was established on 30th of September 1950, as National Ensemble, a decision
We are a Cultural Group from ROMANIA, engaged particularly in preserving, promoting and presenting the authentic tradition of ROMANIA together
Cultural & Folk Art Association SVETI SAVA from Belgrade, Serbia is CIOFF Serbia member and we have their full support.
BAHÇEŞEHİR UNIVERSITY FOLK DANCE GROUP YOUTH AND SPORTCLUB ASSOCIATION Bahcesehir University Folk Dance Group Youth and Sports Club Association was
Founded in 2004, the Folklore Studio “Etnos” has been committed to promoting folklore and crafts from Macedonia. Currently it has