Групи 2022

Transylvania National Folkloric Ensemble


Country: Romania

Director: Iuliana Maria Dragos

The Transylvania National Folkloric Ensemble, based in Baia Mare, Maramureş County, was founded in 1959 as an integral part of the Professional State Ensemble and since 1970 as an institution with legal personality and a self-standing program.

The justification of its establishment lies in the valorisation of the rich folkloric traditions of the Romanian people, preserved from generation to generation, in a form unaltered to the present day.

The Transylvanian ensemble performs this holy mission, displaying high authenticity and spiritual fascination, roaming four of the five continents of the earth. Its whole activity is to capitalize on the traditional national folklore of the entire ethno geographical space of Romania, becoming the representative ensemble of this space.

The ensemble consists of:

– folk orchestra with a virtuosity of their instrumentalists in violin, accordion, clarinet, taragot, nai and other popular instruments

– a body of dancers fascinated by the force, authentic and choreographic sensitivity through which it valorizes the variety of dance of different ethno-folkloric areas of the country

– vocal soloists with a predominance of beautiful voices and the predominant style of the authentic zone that represents it. It is enough to recall that we also have laureates from world festivals.

A special note presents the costumes, which are the jewels of hand-made folk art through the chromatic footprint of the local folk-style, which is in full harmony with the repertoire. They shine through authenticity, color and elegance.

Those who see their shows, do not forget them. The evidence is their frequent appearance in public, on television, large-scale national events, radio recordings, discs, and popular CDs. The Transylvania National Folkloric Ensemble is more and more a representative of Romania in international, cultural and artistic events, which is a reason for pride and certainty of the value it represents.

Media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ansamblultransilvania

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ansamblultransilvania/

Website: http://ansamblultransilvania.ro/

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