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The Municipal Ballet of Sapiranga, was created in 14 May 1994 and denominated by Municipal Law of 2 September 1994 as Balé Folclórico Origens being a institution supported by Sapiranga Municipality.

The group started its journey with a show called “América Latina” with dances of all Latin Américan countries and latter a new show “Europe in Dance” was created for show Brazilian audience the amplitude of world folk dance, for tour abroad the group have a Brazilian show, called “Origens trough Brazil” with dances and manifestations of all geographical regions of Brazil going from gaucho dances in South, to Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Frevo in Northeast, Carimbó and Lundu from North and Catira from Middle-east Brazil. All in respective costumes.

The group already performed at festivals in Chile, Peru, Equador, Paraguay and México