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Folk Group “BILBILI”

The Folk Group “Bilbili” was established in 1994 in the city of Vlorë and operates under the jurisdiction of the Cultural Center “AULONA” with headquartered in the city of Vlorë, Albania.
This group in his repertoire has songs, dances and traditional music, mainly the southern provinces of the country but also the other parts of Albania.
It is characterized by authentic popular folk by a rich coloration costumes and traditional clothing.
The group has given many concerts in and outside of Albania.
It is a participant in the First World Festival of Folklore, Holland.
The folk group was in Moldova,Italy, Macedonia,Lithuania,Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria
Is a member of CIOFF.

Groups 2017


From 2003 the Municipalities of the province of Santa Cruz and on the initiative of the different dance schools, the federal project started by dancers from all over the province.
This project of “dancers perfection” began, where during these years they participated in different projects at national and international level.
Presentations in different festivals like “JESUS MARIA”, “COSQUIN”, “LABORDE”, MEXICO etc.
For the year 2014 the government of the province of Santa Cruz takes the initiative to formalize the project. That same year in May the federal project becomes the “OFFICIAL BALLET OF THE PROVINCE OF SANTA CRUZ”.
From the moment to the date the project has become professionalized due to the different presentations in the most important festivals of the country.

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Folklore Ensemble CAJAVEC

Folklore Ensemble Cajavec was establish on May 15 , 1952 and during that time is elaborated and performed in public more than 40 choreographies.

More than 6000 concerts wich were performed in our country and abroad were watched by more than one million people. Today the folklore section is divided into 6 groups of aging between 7 till 27 , children and big national orchestras and all together this sections have more than 300 active members.
Our public concerts perform from 25 – 50 dancers and the ensemble has between 40 till 70 concerts every year in our country and abroad.

KUD „Cajavec”have very rich holding of national costumes and some of them are originaly patterns more than 80 years old.
The group took part in festivals all over the world – Japan , China , Israel , Swiss Italy , Sweden , Turey , Serbia , France , Spain and many others

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The Municipal Ballet of Sapiranga, was created in 14 May 1994 and denominated by Municipal Law of 2 September 1994 as Balé Folclórico Origens being a institution supported by Sapiranga Municipality.

The group started its journey with a show called “América Latina” with dances of all Latin Américan countries and latter a new show “Europe in Dance” was created for show Brazilian audience the amplitude of world folk dance, for tour abroad the group have a Brazilian show, called “Origens trough Brazil” with dances and manifestations of all geographical regions of Brazil going from gaucho dances in South, to Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Frevo in Northeast, Carimbó and Lundu from North and Catira from Middle-east Brazil. All in respective costumes.

The group already performed at festivals in Chile, Peru, Equador, Paraguay and México

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Folk Dance Ensemble “MWVERVALI”

The folk dance ensemble “MWVERVALI “ established in 1994 on the base of ADJARIAN State Georgian dance and song Ensemble(Adjariaregion) .The group leader is honored choreographer of Georgia –AMIRAN PAICHADZE. In the repertoire of the ensemble are10 dances, such as “KARTULI-DAVLURIT” ( the dance of girls and boys, traditional Georgian dance);Mtiuluri (dance with difficult solos), ”Farikaoba”(dance with swords),”Kauri” ( shepherds traditional dance),”Svanuri”(svanetian traditional men’s dance), ”Aphkhazuri”(traditional aphkhazian wedding people dance), “GANDAGAN”(Adjarian region holiday and wedding traditional dance )and etc.
The costumes are very reach, traditional and nice.
Since its establishment ensemble participated in many republic and International festivals :in Bulgaria, Turkey ,Poland ,Chekhia,Hungary, Italy. The group was a winner of the republic festival «Winter Tale -2015-Batumi” and got a title of “Best ensemble of 2015”.

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The Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago

Pesona Mawar Nusantara (The Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago)


Pesona Mawar Nusantara (The Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago) is a Bulgarian-based Indonesian dance-drama group, located at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Sofia, BLrlgaria. It has participated in various occasions and international festivals across Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania (The Embassy is accredited for the three countries).

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We are Latvian folk dance ensemble “Ačkups”, which is based in Riga – capital city of Latvia. The dance group was founded in 1951 and all these 65 years of existence have been fulfilled with dancing, trying to develop and keep alive Latvian folk dance traditions. Throughout the years “Ačkups” has stayed among the best Latvian folk dance groups.
The “Ačkups” was established as part of Riga Stradins University (RSU), which is one of the biggest universities in Latvia.
Every year “Ačkups” gives concerts all over the Latvia and take part in the biggest dance events. For example, every five years we participate in main Latvian cultural event – The Latvian Song and Dance festival, which is included on the UNESCO. Moreover, we always take a chance to perform abroad as well, because it is good opportunity to represent our unique cultural heritage and get to know other nations traditions. In recent years „Ačkups” has participated in festivals in Italy, Georgia, Canada, Germany and Belgium.
Although we strongly honour traditional values, for instance, we always perform in traditional Latvian national costumes. Therefore, from time to time we include in our repertoire foreign folk dances as well as dances from different styles.

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Inetnon Gef Pa’go is an award winning program under the Guam Department of Education, Historic Inalahan Foundation, the Guam Visitors Bureau, and the private business community, whose mission is to promote awareness and pride in Chamorro heritage through performance arts.
Rabon and his successive students, as well as others indirectly influenced by his work, have choreographed many other dances and written many other songs for dances. He and his followers have developed dances around three historical periods: Ancient Period, Spanish Colonial Period, and Contemporary Period.

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Sri WarisanSom Said Performing Arts

Sri Warisan is a performing arts company founded by Madam Som Said. Sri Warisan, formed in 1997, is one of the pivotal forces in Singapore’s Malay dance scene.
Currently, Sri Warisan is led by Mr. Adel Ahmad, together with 30 performing artists and more than 200 student members committed to developing professionalism in the performing arts reaching out to children, youths and adults.
Every year Sri Warisan performs at more than 200 local events and 10 overseas festivals.
Since 1997, Sri Warisan’s activities include:
Participated in more than 40 international events and festivals in Belgium, Brunei, Canada, China, France, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, London, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and United States of America.
Providing arts education and enrichment to students at more than 300 schools through the NAC-Arts Education Programme.

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Folk Dance Ensemble MAJ

The Folklore Group Maj functions at The Secondary Grammar School “Pierre de Coubertine” in Piestany, Slovakia. All participants are amateurs – enthusiasts of all ages.
In cooperation with the town’s cultural centre the group has also organized the first ever musical and folklore festival of the nearby regions to the Slovakian border. (South Moravia, Austria and the district of Trnava.)
In 2005 FG Maj represented the country during the official celebration of Slovakia joining the EU in Graz, Austria.
Since its beginnings in the autumn 1996, FG Maj has successfully presented Slovakian customs and traditional art and also its native town – not only at home, but also abroad. The group regularly participates in the locally organized festivals and celebrations in the towns of Stary Tekov, Dolny Kubin, Dolny Vadicov, Krakovany.
Historically, there are many more countries to mention that FG Maj has also visited:
Poland, Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic,Brazil, Hungary, United Kingdom, Holland, Sardinia, Israel, FranceSpain, Azores Islands, Croatia, Malta and Mexico.