Ballet Folklorico Municipal de Collipulli BAFOCO


Country: Chile

Director: Carlos Matus

BAFOCO was born into the artistic scene in 2018 as a stable cast of the Illustrious Municipality of Collipulli. This ensemble comprises a total of 60 dancers, who are organized into two groups based on their age range.

The Municipal Folkloric Ballet of Collipulli embarks on a geographical tour through its performances in Chile and Latin America, under the General Directorate of Mr. Carlos Matus Godoy.

Among their repertoire, we can find works such as Caporales de América, Rapa Nui The Navel of the World, and Harvest of My Love.

BAFOCO has established itself as a cultural ambassador of our region on a national and international scale, presenting their shows in prestigious venues in Chile, Argentina, and Mexico.

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