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El Horryia Folk Troupe Alexandria – Egypt

Definition of Group
– Is a collection of distinctive groups of the Ministry of Culture, Arab Republic of Egypt and keep track of the General Authority of Cultural Palaces, Branch culture of Alexandria.
– Group set up in the nineties was adopted national brigade. To represent Egypt abroad (international festivals).
– The Group consists of 55 artists between dancers and musicians and dancers.
– Characterized by the group that most of its members are students and graduates of different Egyptian universities.
– Keeps the group on the character of Alexandria and popular culture, heritage and Muruthath and courtesy in the form of Tablohat dancer inspired by the popular Alexandrian Egyptian environment. Along Altablohat environments that reflect the different provinces of Egypt

Groups 2016

BJ Dance Group

BJ Dance group was founded by jung-hee Baek, professor of Hanyang University in Dance.

Sine the debut performance in 1982, they have presented various dance works from the traditional to the morden and participated in diverse performing arts venues. Especially, their creative dance works reveal their enthusiastic passion toward dancing and structuring a new style of dance creation based on Korean traditions. Most representative dance piece are “Sumukdamcae”, ” Jangiu eui Kkum”, “Mihok”, “Yeon seo”, “Baekil Mong – Maheunahop Bam gua 1/2” “Guigeorae”.

Groups 2016

Kazyna – Kazakhstan

Choreographic ensemble “Kazyna” with folk-ethnographic ensemble instrumental “Kazyna” was established in 1989 on the basis of Shymkent Institute of Culture named after Al-Farabi.
The main organizer and artistic director for 20 years, was honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Musabek Zharkinbekov. View main choreographer – director of choreographic ensemble “Kazyna” Saul Balbarakova.

In 2003, Regional Philharmonic Society named after Sh Kaldayakov in akimat of choreographic ensemble South Kazakhstan region “Kazyna” impeccably renovated again in the new composition.
Currently, the artistic director and chief choreographer – director of the ensemble “Kazyna” folk dance is a cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ph.D. Zaure Azhibekova.
The repertoire of about 64 dances based on Kazakh folklore, folk and contemporary materials and dancing S.N.G. nations and the world.

Groups 2016

Ara Macao Dance Company

Ara Macao Dance Company, was founded with the idea of a new concept of dance in the city of Villavicencio, founded and directed by Junior Augusto Murillo Madrigal artista, painter, graphic designer and designer of costumes and spectacle, who started his career by moving to bogota to train as a artista, being his work dancistic doing tri-ethnic part of Colombia, Academy of Dance and folklore, Herencia viva, Tambores de Ellegua.

Groups 2016


México Lindo” is a unique and innovator project in Mexico which promote Mexican culture heritage around the world. This project include “Mexico Lindo: Colectivo Folklórico” which is a group formed by as selection of professional dancers graduated from the most important Folk Dance Academies of Mexico, most of them have international experience on several Festivals. This dancers are receiving a high performance training that allow them to create a refresh proposal based on Mexican folk.

“Mexico Lindo” works to be a reference in folk dance and have an international quality show, our main seal is the collaborative work and the exaltation of the passion we put on each dance

Groups 2016

Mazurian Dance and Songs Ensemble ELK

Masuria is a geographical region located in north-eastern part of Polish. This is one of the most beautiful regions of the country, called the Land of the Great Lakes.
Mazury Song and Dance “Elk” is worthy of its representative, popularizing the culture of many regions, through the presentation of the beauty of music and dance, songs and costumes. The team presents their traditional form developed theatrically and artistically.
The group was founded in 2001, working at Elk Cultural Center and to this day is a showcase of the city. The first staff of the team were: Jaroslaw Wojciechowski – artistic director and choreographer, Bozena Bieleniewicz – Head of the organization, Maria Nienałtowska – Head of the vocal group, and Tadeusz deluge – a musical director.
Today the team has 120 people and includes six groups: four groups of dance, band and vocal group, where the inhabitants of the earth Elk regardless of age, dance, act and sing, spending their free time.
Mazury Song and Dance “elk” was often honored in National Surveys of Folklore, has verified and qualifying to represent Polish culture abroad.

Groups 2016

Folklore Ensemble Šiljakovina

Founded in 1996, the Folklore Ensemble „Šiljakovina“ has been cherishing the rich cultural diversity of the national folk tradition performing folk music, songs and dances originating from different Croatian regions.

The Ensemble has participated in many folk festivals in Croatia, such as the national festival of choreographic folklore in Koprivnica and the national festival of authentic regional dances Vinkovačke jeseni. Our younger members have participated in many regional festivals of choreographic and authentic children dances. The Ensemble’s international experience includes folk festivals in Poland, Macedonia and Hungary.

In present day, the Enesemble works guided by excellent folkloric experts and gathers around one hundred members – dancers, singers and musicians in 7 sections of different age groups.

Groups 2016


We are honored that we can contact you. KUD “JANA” Zemun was established in 2011 year.

KUD “JANA” Zemun was established to bring together young people and all interested citizens of the Republic of Serbia, organized in order to deal with the preservation and fostering ethnic and cultural traditions, according to their wishes and preferences.
Also KUD “JANA” Zemun cooperates with cultural institutions in the country and abroad in the fields of culture, art and education.

We are a young company but we have plenty of the festival is behind us.

Smiling we are trying to present the best national tradition of our country.