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Folklore Ensemble CAJAVEC – City of Banja Luka

Folklore Ensemble „CAJAVEC“ was established on Maj 1952. and during that it elaborated and performed in public more than 40 choreographies from all parts of ex Yugoslavia. Folklore lovers remember this top-level amateur Ensemble under the name of „Karlo Rojc“, in period from 1959.-1993.

The ensemble were performed more than 6.000 concerts in their contry and abroad,which were watched by more than milion people.

KUD „CAJAVEC“ has very rich holdings of national costumes, and some of them are original patterns more than 80 years old.

That is why this Ensemble is one of the best in Bosnia but also in the Balkans.

Groups 2018

Kimurantti Folk Dance Group

Kimurantti is a folk dance group from Lappeenranta, Finland. Kimurantti was founded in 2005 and Merja Skyttä has been directing Kimurantti from the beginning.
Their dances also contain features of more modern dances and traditional dances of other parts of Finland.
The group travels a lot in folk dance and music festivals within Finland. They also take part in national folk dance classifications every two years. Kimurantti also travels abroad to different kinds of festivals and events. The countries they have been to are Norway, Denmark, Turkey, USA and Russia.
Aside to performing at these events they’ve helped organize a children’s festival at their home town.

Groups 2018

Cultural Dancing association of Thrakes of Komotini

Cultural Dancing association of Thrakes of Komotini was founded in November 2008 and from the beginning of it’s establishment it has a powerful presence in the cultural activities of Komotini. It’s members with their personal knowledge and industriousness promote and maintain the folkway of Thrakes.
Apart from the cultural events the association has also sociable, it’s participation on charitable events and with donations to foundations.
During the 9 years of the association’s operation it has organised and taken part in a number of important events.

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National ensemble of songs and dance “Shota”

The National Ensemble of Songs and Dance “Shota” was established on 30th of September 1950, as National Ensemble, a decision from the Assembly of Autonomous Province of Kosovo, similar to other three ensembles from ex-Yugoslavia: “Llado” – Zagreb, “Kollo” – Belgrade and “Tanec” – Skopje. This decision made Ensemble “Shota” one of the first artistic and cultural institutions in Kosovo. The task of the Ensemble was to maintain and develop the domestic folklore (national folk songs and dances) also researching new forms of folk art.
Тhe Ensemble “Shota” played an irreplaceable role on maintaining and developing folk songs and dances of all peoples who lived in Kosovo, but especially Albanian songs and dances, as 90% of Kosovo’s population were Albanians. With all of these, the Ensemble was represented in more than 50 different countries around the world, in all continents. The Ensemble “Shota” performed more than 7500 concerts in Kosovo, ex-Yugoslavia, Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.
Since 1994, the Ensemble is functioning with the new nomination, as: National Ensemble of Songs and Dance “Shota”.

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We are a Cultural Group from ROMANIA, engaged particularly in preserving, promoting and presenting the authentic tradition of ROMANIA together with our own creations based on folkloric ideas. Our group „DORUL” from the county of Arges has been continuing its work of valuing the folklore since 1957.
The undoubted value of “DORUL” assembly is highlighted by the large number of prizes of medals awarded at national and international festivals.

A particular freshness and elegance of the choreography are granted by the genuine beauty of traditional costumes, so divers and rich in colours. Their programme contains representative dances and songs from all Romanian areas.

Under the patronage of Dorul assembly, the Festival “Carpati” – one of the most important international folklore festivals in Romania – is carried on in Pitesti – Arges County. Countries from all over the world have participated in the “Carpati” festival along the past 27 years.

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Cultural & Folk Art Association ”SVETI SAVA”

Cultural & Folk Art Association SVETI SAVA from Belgrade, Serbia is CIOFF Serbia member and we have their full support. And we are also CID and IOV members, as well as FIDAF representatives for Serbia.
We took part in many CIOFF festivals around the world: Turkey, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Israel, Finland, Cyprus, Netherlands, Belgium… Our groups also participated in the CIOFF CANADA – Drummondville and Gigue en Fete festivals and USA International children folklore festival in WASHINGTON d.c.
The main goal of our Association is to develop Serbian culture and to save the tradition not to be forgotten in the future.
The people are usally amazed with the great number of colorful costumes and musical instruments that are represented in our program. Our performances are based on customs and themes from everyday life in the country and the towns from the ancient times of Serbia.
The folk ensemble “Sveti Sava” is the oldest folk ensemble in Zvezdara community in Belgrade and only one in Mirijevo suburb. It was established on may 5th, 1978.
A great number of awards and medals are the confirmation of our quality.

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Bahcesehir University Folk Dance Group


Bahcesehir University Folk Dance Group Youth and Sports Club Association was founded in 2003 within the structure of Bahcehesir University by our Chairman Okan Gurbuz.

Foundation purpose and mission of the academy, student club and association are to ensure that everybody who wants to learn our culture are taught our folk dances and folk songs under the same roof of Bahcesehir University, to publicise both our country and our culture in national and international platforms and to make Anatolian culture known and valuable through the unifying power of art.

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Folklorno Studio ETNOS

Founded in 2004, the Folklore Studio “Etnos” has been committed to promoting folklore and crafts from Macedonia. Currently it has around 200 members divided in several groups and working on differentprograms.
The most active groups are the ones working on creating authentic folklore clothes, restoration of old folklore elements and learning the folklore dances and songs.
The ensemble works on nurturing the folklore tradition of Macedonian people.
The repertoire of the ensemble includes adaptations of dances of all parts of Macedonia.
The youth ensemble, for people younger then 20 years, has participated in many festivals in Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia end Hercegovina) and from all those festivals has returned with prizes for its performances. These ensembles successfully continue to
represent the Macedonian culture, folklore, dances and songs in their true light and original.
A special accent is put on the authenticity of the folklore clothes, which in most cases is made by the members of the studio, and also many of the pieces of clothes are collected on field trips in remote Macedonian villages where the residents kept it from deterioration.