Groups 2020

Cultural & Folk Art Association ”SVETI SAVA”

Cultural and Folk Art Association ”Sveti Sava” was established in 1978 in Belgrade, Serbia. The folk ensemble is the oldest one in Zvesdara community in Belgrade. Group Leader is Mrs. Dragana Mirkovic. The association is member of CIOFF Serbia, IOV and CID, as well as FIDAF representative for Serbia. Group took part in many festivals around the world: Turkey, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Canada, USA etc.

Group achieved many awards and medals in the past years such as: First Place Winner at Festival in Larnaka, Cyprus; Three prizes at Festival in Istanbul, Turkey for the best
choreography, best male and female dancers; Winners of the carnival in Hungary; Winners of the folk dance contest in Constanta, Romania.

Cultural and Folk Art Association ”Sveti Sava” is an organiser of “Belgrade Award” International folk dance competition festival, Serbia.

Groups 2020

IDA SANAT— Istanbul Dance Association

Folk dance ensemble “İDA SANAT” , has been established in 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. Director is Ahmet Dogan.

They perform Turkish Folk Dance with original Turkish folk dance costumes, without modifying the original dance except for music and some stage arrangements. The ensemble performs dances from all around Turkey.

The group participates in folk dance competitions and has acquired various good ratings in said competitions. The group also has gotten invitations to various festivals worldwide and performed in said festivals.

Groups 2020

IZENA-no-KAI Dance Company

The dance company IZENA-no-KAI was established in 1988, Tokyo, Japan and since then, they have been performing on stage in Japan and around the world. The dance company attended festivals and events overseas places such as the United States, Finland, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Romania, Slovenia , Austria, Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Serbia and Greece.  The choreography of group performances is expressing the nature and atmosphere of Okinawa and Amami islands. Ms. Konomi Haraguchi is the art director of the group, which consist of 42 performers.

Groups 2020

Folk Dance Group Mali Gorzowiacy

The “Mali Gorzowiacy” was established at the Youth Community Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1981. 

The group presents Polish National Dances having the special place in the history of our country, as well. They became the symbol of Polish cultural independence and national spirit. Every year group have had many concerts, presentations in Poland and abroad.  

In 2001 the group won 2nd prize at the Cheonan International Folk Dance Competition, South Korea. In 2016 won 1st place, the group was winner on International Folk Dance Festival Bali, Indonesia. In 2017 the group won 2nd place on International festival in Belgrad, Serbia.

The artistic directors of the “Mali Gorzowiacy” are Maria and Krysztof Szupiluk.

Groups 2020

The National dance theater of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The National dance theater of the Republic of Sakha was established in 1980. 

The Director of the National dance theater of the Sakha Republic is Alexander Ivanovich Alexeyev.

The theater’s repertoire includes more than thirty large-scale performances that are successfully presented at the Central venues of the country in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The theater represents the traditional music and dance culture of Sakha.

The National dance theater of the Republic of Sakha is a Winner of the Cheonan competition (South Korea, 2012), winner of the Asian – Pacific dance competition (Russia, Buryatia, 2012), winner of the dance competition (China, Inner Mongolia, 2019).

Groups 2020

Folk Dance Ensemble Ama-Zebra

AMA-ZEBRA (Folklore Dance Ensemble) is a member of a National
Organisation of South African Traditional Fair Association (SATFA) and
Federation of International Dance Festivals (FIDAF) South Africa
National Chapter. Inaugurated in the year when South Africa got the
first democratic government led by President Nelson Mandela and
performed for his INAUGURATION. Over the past years Folklore Dance
Ensemble has afforded opportunities to young South Africa who pursuits
creative arts ranging from grass roots to professional excellence. The
ensemble has more than 35 performers under the Directorship of Ndumiso
Nzuza and Thabisile Njokwe. The group is from Ntuzuma in the Kingdom of
Kwa-Zulu-Natal. The group has participated in many Theatres, Festivals
and Competitions all over the world:
• Invited by the Royal Commonwealth Commission to perform at Westminster Abbey before Her Majesty the Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh for the Royal Commonwealth Celebrations 2002/2004.
• 2010 Performed at the opening and Closing Ceremony of the FIFA World
Cup in South Africa
• 2015 Performed for Pope in Italy
• 2017 Performed at South Africa Got Talent and won as the only
traditional group ever reached the finals with a Golden Pass.
• 2018 Performed at World Dance Festival at Moncao and Municipalities in
• 2018 Won all 3 Grand Prices at FIDAF South Korea Cheonan World Dance
• 2018 Performed at Andong World Musk Dance Competition and won Gold & Silver Awards.

Groups 2020

Agrupación Folklórica de Proyección Rapa Nui “Hanga Rau o te Ariki”

Agrupación Folklórica de Proyección Rapa Nui “Hanga Rau o te Ariki” spreads the folklore of the Chilean people of Easter Island. Rodrigo Andrés Carvajal Espinoza is their leader. 

Through the study of their traditions, the group develops their dances, songs and music in order to bring to all public teaching about this town of Polynesian origin.

In 2019 she premieres her most important Work, with a yearned for and arduous work that lasted approximately 14 months. The Work “Mai Hiva, mai te kainga” is the Story of King Hotu Matu’a (the first King Rapa Nui) and his journey to bring all his people with him from Hiva to Rapa Nui. 

Thanks to this work, the group has toured some cities in Chile and shared with other delegations of the world during folklore meetings.

Groups 2020

Duna Art Ensemble

The Duna Art Ensemble is one of the most popular professional groups in Hungary with leader – Zsolt Juhász. The ensemble was founded in 1957 by the Ministry of the Interior. It continues on today with the ambition to perform authentic dances and to create innovative dance theatre pieces from their country’s rich heritage. Their repertoire ranges from dynamic, modern interpretations of Hungarian folk dances to contemporary dance productions. The Ensemble has spread the beauty of the Hungarian folk music and folk dance heritage with huge successes on five continents.

Groups 2020

Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company

The Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company is a home grown folk dance troupe form the province of Leyte, Philippines. It was organized In 1961 by Teresita V. PH, composed of young high schools and college students from the different colleges and universities of the region. Artistic director is Melissa Braga Montilla.

The Dance Troupe received a GAWD Award from Cultural Center of the Philippines, one of the very prestigious high awards for artist, for its great contribution to the country on the preservation and promotion of Philippines Culture and Tradition. 

Since its founding, the dance troupe had performed in 37 countries in Middle East, South America, United States of America, Europe and South East Asia. Leyte Kalipayan is the very first dance troupe who ever performed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Their latest international performances are their two months tours in United States of America in 2018, and World Flora Expo in Taichung, Taiwan in 2019. 

In 2016 Leyte Kalipayan has been recognized by World Dance Organization, and now included on the list as one of the best dance companies in the world.

Groups 2020

Academic Music, Song and Dance Theatre “Zoriany”

Academic Music, Song and Dance Theatre “Zoriany” of the Kirovohrad Regional Philharmonic. 

The Academic Music, Song and Dance Theatre “Zoriany” has been created in 1984 at the Kirovohrad Regional Philharmonic.  The artistic director of the group is Antonina Chervinska. 

The repertoire of “Zoriany” includes dances based on the folklore of all regions of Ukraine, ceremonial dances, folk and modern songs. The ensemble is an active participant in different international competitions and festivals, being awarded with the highest prizes. In North Korea, where competed with ensembles from 72 countries, “Zoriany” won the Grand Prix of the festival and 4 prestigious awards for best choreography. For its professional skills and active promotion of Ukrainian music, dances and songs the ensemble has been awarded with the title “Academic”.