Filipino-American Community of Colorado


Country: The Philippines

Director: Vivian  Egonio-Norman

The Filipino American Community of Colorado is one of the oldest Asian American Community in Colorado establishing in 1954.

Its mission is to share, educate and preserve our Filipino Heritage and culture.

The prepared performances for the festival will include dances like Madal Soyow which portrays the bravery of Tboli warriors protecting women. To symbolize peace and unity, warriors execute the movements without placing the sword or shields on the ground which symbolizes death. Meanwhile, the Madal Sloung be knibano dance showcases the beauty and colorful attire of Tboli Princess or Boi.

The Salip dance presents courtship dances from different Kalinga areas, including slow-motion pieces and dances reminiscent of eagles. In the Banga dance, women exhibit their agility and strength by balancing pots or banga used for water fetching. These captivating performances reflect the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the Philippines.

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