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FIFCA Portugal Folk Dance Group -Grupo de Danças Folclóricas de Almeirim PT


Country: Portugal

Director: Ricardo Casebre

FIFCA Portugal Folk Dance Group, represents a period in Ribatejo’s history situated in 1925-1935 and is characterised by dominant agriculture with lots of work-force, especially with women. The group picked up its origins on one of the biggest rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, the river Tejo, and from the river fishermen. Some of the dances and costumes are still included in the actual folk group. Presently, the group represents the labour on the fields, with costumes from the bulls keeper with their horses as well, as at the river during the first fifty years of the 20th century. It has got a repertoire of 42 dances representing ethnographic pictures of Almeirim Villages, traditions, and preserves the popular culture.


  1.   First Prize for Special Dance Hanioti – Greece, 2017
  2.   Special Prize of The Jury for the Best Stage Performance on the Basis of Ethnic Choreography – Interfolk Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2019
  3.   First Prize for Special Dance – Interfolk Saint Petersburg Russia, 2019

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Participation: in the solo/couple competition of the festival.