Групи 2022

Hawalan Group


Country: Iran 

Director: Kazem Pahlavan Hamzanlouei

Hawalan in kurdish language and local language means friends. Kermanj is the name of a race and a part of the Kurdish culture that we live in Northeastern Iran. This group was formed in the year 94 in Bojnourd, the capital of North Khorasan province. The roots and the philosophy of our traditional clothing are derived from the culture, geography and beliefs of the mountain people. Due to the limitations for the number of people, we can perform only some parts of our traditional dances at the festival. Our dance and music are rooted in the culture of the mountain people. There is a feeling of fluttering and flying in our dance, it starts in slow rhythm and then ends in a slow rhythm. Our wind instruments are made of reeds and even eagle’s wing bones.

Media channels:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/havalan.group/

Participation in the Solo/Couple category