Groups 2021

Inetnon Gef Pa’go


Country: Guam (US)

Director: Vincent Reyes

Inetnon Gef Pa’go is an award winning program under the Guam Department of Education, Historic Inalahan Foundation, the Guam Visitors Bureau, and the private business community, whose mission it is to promote awareness and pride in Chamorro heritage through performance arts.

Rabon and his successive students, as well as others indirectly influenced by his work, have choreographed many other dances and written many other songs for dances. He and his followers have developed dances around three historical periods: Ancient Period, Spanish Colonial Period, and Contemporary Period.

The group performed in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Japan, Korea, Macau, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey , Saipan, American Samoa, Taiwan, Fiji, Philippines, Beijing, CNMI, Palau.

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Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival