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Bartok Folk Dance Ensemble IOV Hungar


Country: Hungary

Director / Leader: Miklós Teszáry

The Bartok Folk Dance Ensemble was set up in 1958. Its music and dance repertoire includes the whole, entire folklore tradition of the Carpathian basin. It performs and introduces the different Hungarian and ethnic dances, and dance customs of each ethnological region.

Its costume collection is composed of ‘made-to-measure’ and original pieces. The performances of the group are always accompanied by live music.

The ensemble takes part in Hungarian professional programmes and presentations regularly. Its members also try to get to know the dance traditions that can still be found and to keep them up in the life of their own community. The group organises a ‘dance-house’ weekly, where it introduces and teaches these traditions to all those interested.


  1. Second prize at the Hungarian National Choreographer Competition 2019
  2. Outstanding Level Award Ensemble in Hungary, 2019

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Participation: in the solo/couple competition of the festival