Groups 2021

Dance Ensemble at Khovd Musical and Dramatic Theater


County: Mongolia

Leaders: Mrs. Sergedorj Ariun, Mr. Bayarsaikhan Erdene

The Khovd Musical and Drama Theatre’s Dance Ensemble was founded in 1934 and was recognized as an experienced and professional dance ensemble in 1950. The group has 68 members divided in 4 different profiles: song, dance, music, theatre.

During all the history of the group, the ensemble presented the best examples of the Mongolian traditional art and has been awarded with the “Mongolian Legion of Honor”. They have won several competitions over the last 71 years, including the Spring Festival, Naadam, Gegeen Musa, and the Khuumii International Diaphonic Singing Competition in Republic Tuva.

Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival