Groups 2021

Kyjov Moravian Ensemble


Country: Czech Republic

Director: Jakub Svorba

The ensemble was established in 1942. Its main activities are searching for and reviving old-time forgotten customs, songs and dances.

Thanks to the ensemble’s activities, Kyjov, a city with 13,000 inhabitants, continues to maintain traditional seasonal festivities, as well as the oldest folk festival in the Czech Republic – The Moravian Year (since 1921). The ensemble has shown their art and flamboyant folk costumes to audiences all over their country, European countries, and as far away as America and Asia.


  1. Guy Laundry, president of CIOFF, recognition – Montreal, 1994
  2. President of CIOFF Japan Award – Tokyo, 1998
  3. Official Recognition of Garden Festival Wales under patronage of Prince and Princess of Wales – Great Britain, 1992
  4. International Festival Program Award (Walt Disney World) – Florida, 1994
  5. International festival representation: Austria, Romania, Poland, Taiwan

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Participation: in the solo/couple competition of the festival.