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Kazyna – Kazakhstan

Choreographic ensemble “Kazyna” with folk-ethnographic ensemble instrumental “Kazyna” was established in 1989 on the basis of Shymkent Institute of Culture named after Al-Farabi.
The main organizer and artistic director for 20 years, was honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Musabek Zharkinbekov. View main choreographer – director of choreographic ensemble “Kazyna” Saul Balbarakova.

In 2003, Regional Philharmonic Society named after Sh Kaldayakov in akimat of choreographic ensemble South Kazakhstan region “Kazyna” impeccably renovated again in the new composition.
Currently, the artistic director and chief choreographer – director of the ensemble “Kazyna” folk dance is a cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ph.D. Zaure Azhibekova.
The repertoire of about 64 dances based on Kazakh folklore, folk and contemporary materials and dancing S.N.G. nations and the world.