Groups 2021

Association Des Jeunes de Saint Félix (A.J.S F)


Country: Guadeloupe French

Director: Jocelyn Martial

Artistic Director: Sandra Mathias

The group has existed since 1978. It represents the Guadeloupe’s heritage through its dance and its music, which is the GWOKA. It uses drums for the sonority with which they have 7 well-defined rhythms. Each rhythm has a particular meaning that they translate through dance (emotions, sensations, vibrations, communications).


  1. Jul/2003 Paris Festival
  2. Feb/2019 Encuentro mondial Peru’s festival
  3. 2019 Gwoka’s Festival GUADELOUPE
  4. Nov/2020 Virtual festival CIOFF Maroccо
  5. Dec/2020 Virtual festival Argentine

Media channels:


Instagram: espace Ajsf

Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival