Groups 2021

Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Geghard’


Country: Armenia

Director: Albert Kiziryan

The national dance ensemble ‘Geghard’, winner of numerous awards at international festivals, was created in the Republic of Armenia in 1981. The founder and invariable art director of the ensemble since then has been Albert Kiziryan, the people’s artist of the Republic of Armenia.

All dances are performed with highly professional skill, and the choreography of each dance expresses the true national colourings of its time, the national style and spirit, and the true face of Armenian dances.

The specialists, in this respect, are stating that the talented dancers and musicians of the group are managing to transfer to the contemporary audience ‘the three thousand year old folklore dancing art of Armenia’.

The diligent creative work, the skills honed to perfection, the constant search of new forms of expression, and their colourful reproduction have brought to the ensemble deserved fame in France, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Russia – Moscow, Saint-Peterburg, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Algeria, Spain, etc.

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Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival