Groups 2021

OmShiv Performing Arts Trust


Country: India

Director: Rakesh Prajapati, Shreya Shah

OmShiv Performing Arts Trust was established in 2018. The Academy’s main purpose is to spread Indian culture to the whole world through the wonderful language of dance. It belongs to Gujarat, India. India, the land of unity in diversity.

The group have participated in various dance competitions at the National and International levels. It also conducts training sessions for poor and differently-abled children which is necessary for the holistic growth of the society.

The dance forms like Hudo, Rass, Garba, Panihari, Tipani, Sudpa, Chirmi, Kalbeliya, Tera taal, Haryanvi, Bhangda, Lavni, and Bihu are just a few of their specialties.


  1. Winner of AIAA (All India Artist Association) in 2018
  2. Winner in Mohan’s Carnival, India – February 2020
  3. Winner of Mohan’s Carnival, India- February 2019
  4. Runner-up of AIAA Dance and Drama Competition 2019
  5. Winner of virtual Festival at Bailando Tulpec, Mexico 2020

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Participation: in the virtual competition of the festival