Groups 2021

  Country: Guadeloupe French Director: Jocelyn Martial Artistic Director: Sandra Mathias The group has existed since 1978. It represents the Read more
  Country: Armenia Director: Albert Kiziryan The national dance ensemble ‘Geghard’, winner of numerous awards at international festivals, was created Read more
  Country: India Director: Rakesh Prajapati, Shreya Shah OmShiv Performing Arts Trust was established in 2018. The Academy's main purpose Read more
  Country: Ukraine Director: Natalya Bondarchuk Dance Theatre “Escada" is one of the components of the creative association “LEVENYA”.  “Escada” Read more
  Country: Greece Director: VASSILIS DIMITROPOULOS ELKELAM was established in 1982 with the following aims: To conduct scientific research and Read more
  Country: Madagascar Director: Benjamina Heriniaina RANDRIAMALAL Author, composer, poly-instrumentalist musician, music-instrument maker. The only group in Madagascar able to Read more
  Country: Tuva Director: Kima Dongak Artistic director and choreographer: Vyacheslav Dongak Dance and Costume Theatre "EDEGEY" was founded in Read more
  Country: Romania Director: Catalin Oancea ‘DORUL’, from the county of Arges, has been continuing its work of valuing the Read more
  Country: Thailand Director: Mr. Dusittorn  Ngamying Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Group of Dance, under the Royal Patronage Read more
  Country: Philippines Director: Eric Solano Parangal Dance Company’s mission is to give tribute to Philippine heritage by preserving and Read more