Groups 2021

  Country: Kamchatka region Russian Federation Director: Dolgan Elizaveta The Koryak folklore dance ensemble ‘Angt’ (in Koryak language ‘Holiday’) was Read more
  Country: Albania  Director: Blerta Balliu The ‘Skendërbeg’ ensemble has been around for 46 years. It has members from 6 Read more
  Country: Portugal Director: Ricardo Casebre FIFCA Portugal Folk Dance Group, represents a period in Ribatejo's history situated in 1925-1935 Read more
  Country: Singapore Director: Mdm Som Said Sri Warisan is a performing arts company founded in 1997. Blending rich traditional Read more
  Country: Spain Director: Charo Rabadán The Choir and Dance Group ‘Francisco de Goya’ began its journey in 1950 and Read more
  Country: Italy Director: Nino Lauretta The ‘Akragas Folk Dance Group’ was founded by a group of young people, keen Read more
  Country: Czech Republic Director: Jakub Svorba The ensemble was established in 1942. Its main activities are searching for and Read more
  Country: Chile Director: John Sigisfredo Peña Caniuñir On March 20, 1999 in the Araucanía region of southern Chile, the Read more
  Country: Brazil Director: Domingas Leonor da Silva Flor Ribeirinha works with the rescue, maintenance, protection and diffusion of popular Read more
  Country: Mexico Director: Lidia Leticia Osornio Manzano Ballet Folklórico Tzontémoc is founded in 1968 in the current National School Read more