Groups 2021

  Country: Uruguay Director: Juliana Peraza y Germán Obiague The Aborigen Folkloric Ballet, a Uruguayan dance group, was formed in Read more
  Country: Russia Art director: Svetlana Lukina State Dance Ensemble Ural was founded in 1980. The South Ural is the Read more
  Country: Fiji Director: Sachiko Soro VOU is Fiji’s premiere independent music and dance company, founded in 2007 as a Read more
  Country: USA Director: Shawnda Bishop ‘Clog America’ was founded in 1991 and last year was its 30th anniversary. The Read more
  Country: Netherlands Director: Lynda Hoekstra Paloina was founded in 1971 by Johan and Erda Baerents as an international dance Read more
  Country: Indonesia Director: AMANAH ASRI Nona Asri Indonesia was founded in 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In its dances includes Read more
  Country: Colombia Director: William Carvajal The El Balcón de los Artistas corporation was founded by Martha Elena Álvarez in Read more